Catalyse Tech

Making innovations inclusive and sustainable

CatalsyeTech aims to foster an enabling ecosystem for innovation driven entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid, to encourage and ensure participation of underrepresented communities.


About Us

At CatalsyeTech we are encouraging and enabling young innovators and  entrepreneurs to design and develop inclusive innovation for the underrepresented  communities by: 

1) Developing  on-ground evidence and learnings  for need based – climate smart technologies

2) Fostering equitable opportunities for individuals, groups, and regions that are underrepresented in the innovation ecosystems


Highlighted Cases

Have a look at some pressing case studies that have been developed to be problem statements.


The Black Gold

How can mechanization be done in harvesting?


Arecanut Processing

How might we ensure the safety of farmers in each of the operations?


Dry Fish Processing

How might we give market accessibility for vulnerable fishing communities?


How it works


Problem Documentation

An online repository of of well documented and articulated problem cases to represent technology inclusion needs of grassroots communities


Innovation Platforms

A platform to encourage and engage innovators and entrepreneurs to take up grassroots technology challenges and build solutions around it.


Incubation Support

Need based support extended to innovation driven enterprises working on sustainable solutions for the rural, underserved and marginalised communities.