EntreprenueHer Innovation Challenge

CatalyseTech's EntrepreneuHer Innovation Challenge aims to promote gender diversity and sustainability in Indian Technology Entrepreneurship. The EntrepreneuHer Innovation Challenge empowers women in critical sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and micro-businesses, aligning with UN SDGs for gender equality and economic growth. It aims to create awareness and solutions for sustainability and climate resilience.

In India, a mere 14% of the total entrepreneurs are women, while just 10% of Indian startups have women co-founders or founders. Furthermore, women constitute only 35% of the workforce in India’s technology industry. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, effective solutions in entrepreneurship and innovation strive to overcome barriers posed by gender stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. Both government and private organizations are actively involved in initiatives aimed at reducing this gender gap. These efforts are crucial for fostering a more diverse and equitable landscape at the forefront of entrepreneurship and technology.


Through EntreprenueHer Innovation Challenge, SELCO foundation aims to promote inclusive entrepreneurship by empowering women with technical and entrepreneurial skills, providing resources, and support to turn innovative ideas into successful startups. Fostering opportunities, mentorship, and a network of women innovators to drive change in sustainability, climate action, and livelihoods. To boost technology and solutions benefiting underserved communities, such as small farmers and micro-entrepreneurs, through women’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

Inviting applications in four broad categories:

  • Agriculture & Allied
  • Food processing & micro business
  • Last mile health technologies
  • Built Environment


The challenge offers award money for upto 10 applicants, with maximum prize monies upto INR. 15 lakhs. This financial support aims to assist the winners in further developing and implementing their technology solutions.


  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Technical and Entrepreneurial Aspirants
  • Innovative Thinkers
  • Resource Seekers
  • Commitment to Inclusivity


The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) is a first of its kind, unified access portal which brings together women from different parts of India to build a nurturing ecosystem that enables them to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. WEP achieves this by facilitating relevant information and services through key partnerships. 

WEBSITE:  https://wep.gov.in/

Atal Incubation Centre-SELCO Foundation in Guwahati is a centre that enables and empowers sustainable energy based innovators and entrepreneurs to scale in the North East of India. It seeks to provide management expertise, intellectual capital, and hand holding support to enhance the capacity of potential local energy enterprises to innovate and deliver energy-based solutions to low-income communities in the North-Eastern region of the country. By building this human capacity and ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, AIC-SELCO Foundation believes that the region can meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a manner that will lead to socially, financially and environmentally friendly solutions.

WEBSITE: https://www.aicselco.org/