The Black Gold

How can mechanization be done in harvesting?


Arecanut Processing

How might we ensure the safety of farmers in each of the operations?

Mango Harvesting

How might we ensure that labourers have protective gear on farm to protect from pesticide poisoning and to aid in climbing trees?

Animal Husbandry

Milk Chilling

How might we enable milk chilling technologies to be available at MCCs, and ensure lesser possibility of milk spoilage to ensure farmers reap benefits from the value chain?

Fodder production and processing

How might we spread knowledge about these new technologies in the market to farmers, and help them implement these technologies in their farming?

Poultry Farming

How might we support the poultry farmers with better ventilation and cleaning mechanisms, and make vaccinations and nutrients more easily available to them?



Dry Fish Processing

How might we give market accessibility for vulnerable fishing communities?

Khoya Making

How might we reduce the risks of body ache and burns from khoya making, as well as improve the fuel efficiency in the micro units and the hygiene of the containers used?

Rice Puffing

How might we innovate solution(s) which will reduce drudgery and increase the productivity of the puffed rice producers so that their livelihoods are economically viable and sustainable?