The Bitter Brew

The Bitter Brew

Unveiling the truth behind coffee cultivation

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks around the world- around 900 million people consume coffee every day. In spite of this heavy production and consumption of coffee, there is not much mechanisation to help farmers with painful manual labour for harvesting coffee.

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“We have to work our way all over the farm to ensure that the plants are healthy and free of bugs. Further, we have to make our children work to meet the needs of the farm.”

Growing coffee is not only a long process; it is also a physically taxing process. Machinery that is available is not affordable to the farmers, and the harrowing needs of the farm as well as low wages force the farmers to make their children also work, at the expense of their education.

"Since the migration of labor has become commonplace, we face labor shortage in each season resulting in high production costs. We have incurred losses in some seasons also. This is worsened by the climate change in the region."

The cost of labour is really high, especially because of the irregularity of rainfall, because of which workers have to work year-round on the farm.

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement:

How might we eliminate physical and economical risks that result from coffee cultivation and harvesting?

High cost

Extreme working conditions

Scarcity of labour

Unpredictability of work

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