Decentralized Solar Panels

Decentralized Solar Panels

With so much access to the sunshine, how can we maximize its potential for people who need it the most?

India has installed 6.7 GW of panels on rooftops – falling far short of its target of 40 GW by this year. But according to analysts who have created a global map of rooftop solar potential, the country is the best placed in the world to generate the greatest amount of electricity at the lowest price in a decentralized manner.

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"Many areas in India do not have access to on-grid electricity, and many areas that do, have as many power cuts leaving communities bereft of energy."

There is a massive dearth of awareness and access to information on alternative sources of power for many rural and remote communities. The ones that do know about solar energy, are discouraged by the up-front costs of the solar panel, battery backup and the civil construction costs. Reliability of vendors and trust is another issue.

"Post installation, solar energy systems upkeep and maintenance is crucial to its longevity and efficiency."

Cleaning the panels with water is imperative for them to generate power to their maximum capacity. The solar panels coated with a glass also require to be handled with care, even a small crack can seep in moisture compromising the whole panel.

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement:

How might we ensure easy accessibility of information (in regional languages) to consumers and increase understanding of decentralized solar energy systems? 

Awareness on benefits of solar energy systems and financial schemes

Increase longevity of solar panels and ensure proper disposal of them and backup batteries

Post installation care training and discipline

Cheaper battery alternatives

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