Fodder production and processing

Fodder production and processing

Where lie the resources for better farming?

Many farmers face problems regarding growing and measuring fodder for livestock, and this problem could be solved with better technologies such as hydroponics and chaff cutting. With hydroponic farming, one can grow 30kgs of fodder per day, and with chaff cutters, measure appropriate amounts to feed the livestock.

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“There are many problems faced by farmers, for example, if fodder is not available for 12 months."

In the absence of technology, farming is left to chance: what if the soil is not fertile enough? What if the livestock feed produced is unhealthy for them?
Technologies such as hydroponic farming help to measure accurate portions of fodder to feed livestock.

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement:

How might we spread knowledge about these new technologies in the market to farmers, and help them implement these technologies in their farming?

Inefficient, manual, methods

Unpredictable soil conditions

Painstaking work

Unhealthy feed

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