Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

The challenges behind our everyday meat and eggs

India is the 5th global poultry producer, and 4107 metric tons of poultry meat was consumed in India in 2021. Poultry farming is a viable option for many farmers, especially in rain-starved areas that make agriculture difficult.

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“Due to lack of lighting, chickens don’t eat their grains. So they don’t grow quickly and we end up growing less batches than we could if we had better lighting for them”

Poultry farming can be done in not only large scale farms but also small scale backyards, making it a viable option for many farmers. However, ventilation, lighting, vaccination of chickens, etc, are long, painstaking chores to maintain.

These difficulties are exacerbated by fluctuating prices in the market.

Unstable market prices often leave the farmers uncertain of their incomes when the cost remains the same.

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement:

How might we support the poultry farmers with better ventilation and cleaning mechanisms, and make vaccinations and nutrients more easily available to them?

Lack of equipment

Time consuming, meticulous, methods

Extreme weather conditions

Fluctuating market prices

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