Vermicelli Making

Vermicelli Making

The demanding process behind one of the most popular rice products

Vermicelli is popular across religions in India and holds an important place in festivities. India’s vermicelli, macaroni, and pasta market size is propelled to reach $449 million by 2024.

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“The drying is the tricky bit and it needs regulation of air and heat. This makes the Vermicelli business seasonal and I sustain it only because I also have other setups like grinding and roti making.”

For making vermicelli, a semi-automatic machine has to be readied, but it requires considerable effort to maneuver. After that, the drying is a slow, meticulous process. Manual vermicelli making requires even greater effort and mastery.
There are also problems regarding wastage at various points, maintaining hygiene, and lack of nutrition in the vermicelli. It is not a very profitable business, and people choose it only if they have other running businesses.

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement:

How might we increase the nutritional value of vermicelli, as well as increase its shelf life and make it profitable for entrepreneurs?

Wastage to maintain aesthetics

Lack of nutrition

Not very profitable

Meticulous, slow, process

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